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About us:

"This company is amazing!  Amanda helped to plan my best friends wedding like a dream.  If your are  a fan of Bella & Edwards wedding from Twilight...Amanda made everything come straight out of the movie! Great person to work with! Highly Recommended!"  Sammine S.

"So helpful and easy to work with!  Highly Recommended!  They were very kind and great with answering all my questions in timely manner!" Kellly S.

"This party rental company is the most wonderful place to get your party stuff  together.  Fantastic customer service and 100% quality and an affordable price."  Tuan N.

"I have to say I love this company.  I had a women afternoon get together that I was very nervous about and wanted to leave an impression, being new to the neighbor and all, this company came and set up my party so I was able to get myself ready and the girls are still talking about it.  They made me look perfect!"  Crytal C.


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