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A white Rabbit Party co.

We are here to take your stress away at an affordable price, helping you make your event magical.



Wedding Coordination

All of our Services may be tailored to fit your individual, unique vision.


Our  Day of Coordination includes the following services:  $600.00

3 hour Time frame – Walk through and timing of everyone down the aisle.

Day of Ceremony Rehearsal.     

Creation of Time Sheet.

    ADD Day before rehearsal  $100.00    1 ½  Hour Time Frame.


Our Vendor Coordination Includes the following service  $850.00

This price includes services listed above as well as;

Confirming all Vendors three times prior to event.

Day of Placement and Receiving 

Distributing of final Vendor Fee

ADD Wedding Party Confirmation $200.00.  –

Confirm Party has received accurate directions and time frames and answer any questions they may have. We are available to  assist Party/Guest with any last minute request they may still need. Each Party member is personally contacted three days before event as well just quickly the night or day before. 


Our Full Day of Coordination includes the following service     $1200.00

The price includes all  service listed above as well as;


Reception Services -   12 Hours

Two – three  hours prior to event -Decoration of Reception Tables Including STEAMING of linens, table numbers, center pieces and florals . This includes decoration of Catering Tables, Desert Tables, Cake Table, Check in Table etc. (It does not include any rentals)

Double check all decorations are perfectly set during cocktail hour,  Recheck with all vendors and staff. 

Stock Bride and Groom Rooms with Drinks and snacks before event.

Make sure all Wedding Party is accounted for and ready to go 15 min before reception. Coordinate with DJ for Accuracy. Assist Wedding Party Entrance Timeline .

Make sure Bride and Groom are served first and well taken care of during whole ceremony.

Assist in Timeline of Exiting of Bride and Grro0m as well as wedding party.  

 Help with clean up as event starts to slow down.  

Collect and send as many Florals as possible with wedding party at end of night.  

Distribute  any final payments.

Assist with keeping venue exit time line.



ADD Cocktail Hour Coordination    $300. –

Set up of Cocktail tables, Decoration of all cocktail tables,  Assist with catering, Set up of a coffee or tea station, Cleanup of all cocktail decorations and room once guest are in reception.

Stock bride and Groom Suites with drinks and snacks, check on Party for any assistance needed. 



Cake Cutting – Included in Full Day of Coordination  $0.00

  • Without Full Day                                    $50.00


Our Set Up and Break Down Incudes the following services:


Break down included in Price (rental price is not included)

Set up chairs  50 or less  - Included in Full Day                $0.00

  • Without Full Day                                      $100.00

Set up chairs 100 or less – included Full Day                   $0.00

  • Without Full Day                                      $150.00

Set up Wedding Arch – Included Full Day                        $0.00                                                     - Without Full Day                                         $150.00




Prices if your just wanting a helping hand.


Set up of Bride & Groom Table                                                                 $0.00

Set up of  10 or less  Tables and counted chairs                               $250.00

Set up of 10-20 tables and counted chairs                                          $350.00

Decoration of Bride & Groom Table                                                       $0.00

Pipe & Drape                                                                                                       ASK

Dance Floor                                                                                                          ASK




Rental is included.

 Fog Machine                                                                                                       $75

Snow Machine                                                                                                    $75.

Bubble Machine                                                                                                 $75


Upon Booking

To Secure the Date of your event we require a min of $150.00.

We will touch base and check on you Eight Weeks prior to event.  

            Receive any Rental Request



Four weeks prior to event  scheduled zoom meeting   and  request of  all vendor and wedding party information also during this time. 

Two Weeks Prior Contact all Vendors / Wedding party to confirm services and times. Unlimited Phone and email assistance to assist you in finalizing details.


Six Day Prior – Reconfirm vendors again –  Timeline Sheet Finalized         

Day before event – reconfirm vendors and wedding party once more.

  Collect any funds needed for you for  final payment to any vendors including White Rabbit. 


Two Days after event,  Return any decorating or personal items you may have used for event as well as any leftover beverages.

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